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短文理解 |||第一节短文理解 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的[A]、[B]、[C]和[D]四个选项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。


Why does the author mention dinosaurs at the end of the passage?

A.Because they could only live in the warm climate.

B.Because they once dominated the Earth.

C.Because their extinction indicates future disasters.

D.Because dinosaurs and humans never live in the same age.





In July l994 Jupiter,the largest planet in our solar system,was struck by 21 pieces of a comet(彗星).When the fragments(碎片)landed in the southern part of the giant planet,the explosions were watched by scientists here on earth。But what if our own planet was hit by a comet?

The year is 2094.It has been announced that a comet is heading towards the Earth.Most of it will miss our planet,but two fragments will probably hit the southern part of the Earth.The news has caused panic.

On 17 July,a fragment four kilometres wide enters the Earth’s atmosphere with a huge explosion.About half of the fragment is destroyed.‘But the major part survives and hits the South Atlantic at 200 times the speed of sound.The sea boils and all enormous wave is created and spreads.

The wall of water rushes towards southern Africa at 800 kilometres a、n hour.Cities on the African coast are totally destroved and millions of people are drowned.The wave moves into the Indian Ocean and heads towards Asia.

Millions of people are akeady dead in the southern part of the Earth.but the north won’t escape for long.Tons of broken pieces are thrown into the atmosphere by the explosions.As the sun is hidden by clouds of dust,temperatures around the world fall to almost zero.Crops are mined.Wars break out as countries fight for food.A year later civilization.has collapsed.No more than 10 million people have survived.

Could it really happen?In fact,it has akeady happened more than once in the history of the Earth.The dinosaurs(恐龙)were on the Earth for over 160 million years.Then 65 million years ago they suddenly disappeared.Many scientists believe that the Earth was hit by a space fragment.

The dinosaurs couldn’t survive in the cold climate that followed and they became extinct.Will we meet the same end?

{TS} Which of the following is NOT TRUE according to the author’s description of the disaster in 2094?

A.The whole world becomes extremely cold.

B.All the coastal cities in Africa are destroyed.

C.The whole mankind becomes extinct.

D.The visit of the comet results in wars.


参考解析: 参考译文







C【解析】推理判断题。作者在这篇科幻小说中描述了2094年7月17日彗星撞击地球后的情形。在倒数的第二段作者说,A yearlater civilization has collapsed.No more than l0 million people havesurvived.而不是人类在地球上灭绝了。extinct意为“灭绝”。所以正确的答案为C。


In writing the passage,the author intends to__________.

A.give an accurate description of the possible disaster in the future

B.prove that humans will sooner or later be destroyed

C.tell the historical development of the Earth

D.warn of a possible disaster in the future





Some people make you feel comfortable when they are around. These people have something in common. And once we know what it is we can try to do it ourselves.

How is it done? Here are several skills that good talkers have. If you follow the skills, they' 11 help you put people at their ease, and make friends with them quickly. First of all, good talkers ask questions. Almost anyone, no matter how shy he is, will answer a question. And how he answers will let you know how far you can go.

Second, once good talkers have asked questions, they listen to the answers. And to find out what sort of person you are talking to, you really have to listen carefully and attentively.

Real listening at least means some things. First it means not to change the subject of the con- versation. Real listening also means not just listening to words but to tones of voice. If the voice sounds dull, then, it' s time for you to change the subject.

Finally, good talkers know well now to deal with the occasion of parting. If you want to see that person again, don' t keep it a secret. Let people know what you feel, and they may walk away feeling as if they' ve known you half their life.

{TS} Asking questions might be a quite good and suitable way

A.for you to make more and more new friends

B.to begin your business talks

C.to get the conversation going smoothly

D.for you to make a deep and lasting impression on others






C【解析】事实细节题。根据文中Almost anyone,no matter how shyhe is,will answer a question.即“无论多害羞的人都会回答问题”,从而使交流顺利地进行下去。故选c。


25. Generally speaking, good talkers are persons who

A.are good at making any topic interesting

B.never talk too much or too little

C.always speak in a gentle way

D.know how and when he should change the topic of the talk




If you really take delight in meeting someone again,

A.you may take him as your lifelong trustworthy friend

B.it seems necessary for you to let him know it

C.it' s proper for you to give him a second handshake

D.it' ll be helpful for you to have further understanding of him


参考解析:B【解析】事实细节题。文中最后一段If you want to see that personagain,don’t keep it a secret.即“如果你下次还想见到那个人就要表现出来”:因此选B。



Thousands of years ago man used handy rocks for his surgical operations. Later he used sharp bones or horns, metal knives and more recently, rubber and plastic. In the 1960s a new tool was developed, one which was, first of all, to be of great practical use to the armed forces and indus- try, but which was also to revolutionize the art and science of surgery.

The tool is the laser and it is being used by more and more surgeons all over the world. As we all know, light is hot, and any source of light will give warmth. But light is usually spread out over a wide area. The light in a laser beam, however, is concentrated. This means that a light with no more power than that produced by an ordinary electric light bulb becomes intensely strong as it is concentrated to a pinpoint-sized beam.

Experiments with these pinpoint beams showed researchers that different energy sources pro- duce beams that have a particular effect on certain living cells. It is now possible for eye surgeons to operate on the back of human eye without harming the front of the eye, simply by passing a laser beam right through the eye-ball. Operations which once left patients exhausted and in need of long period of recovery time now leave them feeling relaxed and comfortable.

The rapid development of laser techniques in the past ten years has made it clear that the future is likely to be very exciting. Perhaps some cancers will be treated with laser in a way that makes surgery not only safer but also more effective.

{TS} Which of the following would be appropriate to describe the instruments of surgical opera- tions up until 1960s?






参考解析: 参考译文








What do we find after the development of the laser in the 1960s?

A.Industrial revolution brought surgery changed greatly.

B.Medical help became available for industrial workers.

C.The study of art went through a complete revolution.

D.Human being's methods in surgery changed greatly.




The reason why the laser beam is very strong is that_______

A. it is artificially illuminated

B.it is made up of a concentrated beam of light

C.it sends out heat in all directions

D.its heat is increased by the heat of the sun




After the use of the laser beam, surgeons can perform operations which

A.leave their patients with negative effects

B.can treat only human eye diseases

C.do little damage to their patients

D.make their patients need a long time to recover







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